Thought Leader, Tech Entrepreneur, Investor

Founder and CEO

With a passion for tech and a lifelong commitment to nurturing visionary entrepreneurs, I am eager to dedicate my life to transforming lives through innovation.

My Vision

I have great ambitions for Devsinc, envisioning a flourishing future for Pakistan’s tech industry and a surge in employment opportunities for my fellow Pakistanis. I am committed to creating 80,000 jobs in Pakistan and building a strong community of IT experts who can deliver top-notch solutions to clients worldwide.


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Stanford University United States

Technology Entrepreneurship

LUMS Pakistan

Masters in Computer Science


Bachelors in Computer Science


CEO Excellence Award by CEO Club and Governor of Punjab
Best CEO of the Year at Growth Summit 2023
Best Tech Company of the Year at Growth Summit 2023
Commendation Award by the Punjab Government
Top 25 Best IT Services Executives by CSuitesSpotlight


Usman was an amazing technical partner as we grew Concert. His rapid prototyping and testing helped us deliver first-in-category features in a competitive landscape. As we began to see success, and grew rapidly, Usman helped us recruit excellent talent very quickly, and helped us prioritize an increasingly complex roadmap. Usman’s startup leadership helped us scale and sell the business in just a few years- he’d be an incredible asset to anyone’s team!

Sanj Sanampudi

2x Founder, CFO, Sales Coach, Incentive Comp

I’ve known Usman for years in the tech and startup world. His visionary leadership transformed his company, growing it from 200 to over 1500 professionals in just two years. Usman’s passion for education is truly inspiring, turning dreams into reality. He’s a bold, solution-driven leader who empowers change and fosters responsibility.


Abdullah Ansari

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft