Global Job Analysis Monthly Report – June 2024

Written by Usman Asif

Jul 9, 2024

July 9, 2024

Excited to share the comprehensive and estimated jobs analysis report for June 2024, meticulously prepared by Team Octagon. This report offers an in-depth look at current job market trends and a comparative statistical analysis with the previous month. Here are some key insights:

DevOps: Jobs increased by 34.67%, from 12,200 in May to 16,430 in June. AI/ML Engineers: Significant growth of 59.96%, reaching 4,522 from 2,827. Blockchain/Web3: A remarkable 45.83% increase. Python: Jobs surged by 47.46%, highlighting the high demand for Python developers.

Other notable trends include a 36.57% rise in PHP jobs and a 38.48% increase in Ruby on Rails positions. However, some areas saw a decline, such as QA with a decrease of 29.64% and UI/UX with an 18.87% drop.

For a detailed breakdown and further insights, please review the full report attached.


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